Vincent Van Gogh’s Brush Strokes

Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings have  been a huge inspiration, and with all things that inspire, you emulate either consciously or unconsciously, and let the imagery play out and hopefully you discover something new that is your own.

When I went to the Musee d’Orsay I remember being captivated by this self portrait and I had to do what you are always told not to do and planted my face as close to the canvas as I could.  I loved what he did with his brush strokes and his colours where so luscious.

I took this photo in Paris on The River Seine (across from the Musee D’Orsay coincidentally) . The more the image grew on me the more it made me think of Vincent’s churning brush strokes. It made me think of his painting “Wheatfield with Crows” although I have to say it is somewhat of a peculiar association my mind is making because I don’t necessarily see a direct visual connection. But that is what keeps popping into my mind. So if you are confused by this connection it is completely understandable. For the most part, my titles are usually literally related to the image. This one I refer to as Vincent’s Brush Strokes.

Here is another image where I can see Vincent’s imprint. In this case the shape and swirl of the rocks remind me of his Cypresses painting. The content is totally different, but the movement of the colours created by the brush strokes is similar to the swirls of rock. I took this photograph on Long Island, Georgian Bay.

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