Light Wounds

Light Wounds Crowd Funded Through Kickstarter

Light Wounds Crowd Funded Through Kickstarter





Light Wounds is a collaboration Eva H.D. and I published through Kickstarter in November 2020. The book is a collection of haiku poetry and photography that began 6 years ago. It all started when I asked Eva to sign my copy of her first book Rotten Perfect Mouth.  I showed her some of my recent work  and she suggested using one of my images for the cover of her book Shiner. From then we started experimenting with putting images and poems together.

At the time that this project started to ferment, I had been spending a great deal of time making diptychs. Looking for connections between photos and poems seemed natural. It was fun seeking out and threading together poetic imagery of the written word and reflected light. Eva came up with “hybrid” as a term for these diptychs.

Our process started by Eva emailing me a haiku to which I would respond with a photo. In like manner, Eva would reply with a monosyllabic approval or dismissal. In some cases I already had a photograph in mind and the hybrid came about quickly. Other times, the hybrid would be in limbo for some time before the image presented itself. Light Wounds grew out of hundreds of emails of these short & sweet exchanges.

We finally got to a point where we had to make something of all these hybrids. The book form seemed the most appropriate way of sharing the hybrids. After a great deal of editing and several different designs we decided to make a go at self publishing a book. Eva came up with the title Light Wounds and we launched a Kickstarter campaign that turned out to be a great success. A review of Light Wounds was published at Photomonitor earlier this year.

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