Feminine Voices

Feminine Voices Unbent Spoon

Feminine Voices In the past, I had not considered a gender approach when photographing. However, working with Eva changed that. There are Haiku in Light Wounds that necessitated an empathy for the feminine voice. Here is a selection that challenged … Continue reading

Ornette Coleman Haiku

Ornette Coleman Haiku

  This Ornette Coleman Haiku image was a lovely coincidence. One morning the light was refracting through a glass candle on some music I was working on. This haiku can be found in our book Light Wounds. The relationship of … Continue reading

Visual Haiku Remains of a Violent Event

Visual Haiku

In our book Light Wounds we created visual haiku by putting photographs and poetry together in the form of diptychs.  We were looking for a new form of meaning that only existed because of the pairing. This process was open … Continue reading

Out of Time

Photograph Haiku Combination

Out of Time is an early photograph haiku combination. The story behind the photographs began with my cat bringing home a cardinal. I rescued the bird from the cat, sadly he died in my hands. Seeing cardinals nearby in a … Continue reading

Light Wounds

Light Wounds Crowd Funded Through Kickstarter

        Light Wounds is a collaboration Eva H.D. and I published through Kickstarter in November 2020. The book is a collection of haiku poetry and photography that began 6 years ago. It all started when I asked … Continue reading

Snake Skeleton, Grasses

Snake Skeleton, Grasses

Snake Skeleton, River

Snake Skeleton

Bird Skeleton, Fossil

Bird Skeleton

I found this bird in an out of the way spot in a building that I have been able to revisit giving me a chance to photograph it through its various states of decay. The fossil was in the Royal … Continue reading

Gaspe Rock Painting


This diptych came about because I saw Werner Herzog’s film “Cave of Forgotten Dreams”.  When I was on a trip through the Gaspe Peninisula,  I discovered this horse painting on a break wall. It conjured up the images from the … Continue reading

Snake Skeleton, Fractals

Snake Skeleton