Snake Skeleton Yellow Rock

Snake Skeleton, Yellow Rock

Snake Skeleton, Grasses

Snake Skeleton, Grasses

Snake Skeleton, River

Snake Skeleton

Bird Skeleton, Fossil

Bird Skeleton

I found this bird in an out of the way spot in a building that I have been able to revisit giving me a chance to photograph it through its various states of decay. The fossil was in the Royal … Continue reading

Gaspe Rock Painting


This diptych came about because I saw Werner Herzog’s film “Cave of Forgotten Dreams”.  When I was on a trip through the Gaspe Peninisula,  I discovered this horse painting on a break wall. It conjured up the images from the … Continue reading

Snake Skeleton, Fractals

Snake Skeleton

Badlands, Frescos


Bird Fossil, Fractals

Bird Fossil, Fractal


Arizona Aerial Photography

Arizona Aerial and FloorTile


Colour Music

Colour Music

  The sheet music is Bach’s cello concerto and I was lucky to have light refraction reflecting off some candle holders on the music.